Kayla Asay

MEAN Stack JavaScript Dev

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How I Got Here

I had always had a fascination with the culinary field, seeing all the wonderful things that can be created by combining all sorts of things together. I decided to start my path towards that career by joining the Army. A couple years later I got medically discharged for a back injury that I got while deployed. So, I moved to Washington to attend culinary school. I worked in several kitchens over the course of the next couple years, which is when I decided that I need to change careers. I was looking for more challenges and responsibilities. Then I found out about coding. It had everything I loved about culinary but with more challenges and opportunities to grow. So, I went to school to learn more about it, found a passion, and now I am a Full-Stack JavaScript developer.

Some of My Skills

HTML5 - ES6 - CSS - SASS - JavaScript - Angular - React - Ajax - MongoDB - Testing - MVC Layout - MEAN Stack Webpack - Node - Git - GitHub - Data Structures - AWS - Mobile First Design - APIs - jQuery - Bootstrap - Agile

Some of my Projects

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